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Family owned. Locally made. Chef developed.

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About Us

Fisherman's Market Original Chili Sauce was developed by fisherman and restaurateur, Lougie Pagano and renowned chef, Mario Christerna. Together, they developed the perfect sauce to pair specifically with seafood dishes and that also is a bold, delicious flavor to add to your favorite meals.

Louis Pagano comes from generations of fishermen. His parents are immigrants from Italy, who, like many Italians in the area, moved to San Pedro. In 1994, he opened the first Fisherman’s Market & Grill in Palm Desert and holds the biggest fish operation in the Coachella Valley. There are now six Fisherman’s entities here, including a new bar called The Fisherman’s Grotto.

Mario Christerna is an East Los Angeles native. He has had Michelin culinary mentorships all over the world, has opened numerous restaurants, worked as a private chef for celebrities, and makes television appearances focusing on bold flavors and healthy eating. He is now working on opening restaurants in Columbia combining everything he has learned to date.

Fisherman's Market Palm Springs

Simple ingredients, mild in spice, and bold in flavor.

This locally made chili sauce is meant to pair with your favorite seafood and beyond. Mild in spice and bold in flavor, it makes for the perfect base or on its own.

Fisherman's Market tacos and chili sauce

A chili sauce you will remember.

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